RoundTable #3 with Dov Gordon

“Nothing makes your business more fun than a steady flow of clients/customers!”

Last night Threshold Fellows gathered for RoundTable #3 with Dov Gordon where he gave a talk called: “Five Steps to A Consistent Flow of Customers.” It was an enlightening evening that was the perfect complement to the work we’ve been doing on prototyping and assessment.

Dov’s main point was to make sure that each of us can effectively identify the problem that we are trying to solve, to focus in on answering that particular problem in a way that the potential client/customer can relate to, and then making sure we deliver the goods! Dov shared many stories of both successful and of less successful endeavors, as well as many common pitfalls to avoid. He urged us to understand that when things are not going great, we may be doing one part absolutely correctly, but it may be only part of the puzzle and we may have to learn the lesson from a different dimension. At the end of the day, we should be initiating actions rather than merely responding to the current situation this is how we will generate and maintain a client-base.

Thanks to Dov Gordon for his incisive and helpful insights!

Visit his site, The Alchemist Entrepreneur at

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