The Challenge:
The professional Rabbinic and Jewish educational world is confronting a huge challenge. A rabbi or educator who wants to work in his field is facing a dearth of jobs, leaving him almost no choice but to stay in school or retrain in a field for which he has no passion. This also creates an aliyah crisis, for what English speaking rabbi can hope to compete in the Israeli job market, with so few English language jobs to go around? North American rabbis and educators are unable to set an example for their communities by making aliyah themselves, making it hard for them to honestly promote aliyah in their communities. At Sulam Yaakov we are repeatedly discovering that by the time our North American rabbinical students complete their training, they can no longer conceive of leaving the land, yet they may have little choice.

The Solution:
Enter Threshold, Sulam Yaakov’s new incubator for Jewish educational entrepreneurship. In keeping with Sulam Yaakov’s core message that those learning Torah assume responsibility for their own livelihood, we are intent on creating a cohort of students who will create their own jobs. These will be select individuals, capable of conceptualizing the value that they can provide to the Jewish community and then developing that concept into a viable, market worthy product or service that will not be totally dependent on today’s scarce philanthropic dollar.

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