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Are you a Jewish innovator with the next big idea in Jewish Educational Entrepreneurship?

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If you are a Jewish adult looking to launch the next new Jewish educational venture, or grow/create an innovative program within your Jewish non-profit, we want to get to know you! Threshold is seeking individuals with projects that aim to educate, inspire, inform, or raise social awareness.

Fellows are admitted by the Steering Committee based on their interest in the venture and its goals, as well as the characteristics of the team behind the venture. Steering Committee members look for the following characteristics in making their decision:

  • DUTY: The entrepreneur has a sense of higher calling and commitment to a larger group; displays feelings of loyalty and obligation
  • PERSEVERANCE: The entrepreneur is a hard worker; able to deal with adversity and challenge
  • INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: The entrepreneur has a strong aptitude for working with and relating to others; good communication and personable
  • VISION: The entrepreneur is able to think big; is inspired and inspiring; sees the long-term outcome
  • SELF-AWARENESS: The entrepreneur knows her strengths and weaknesses and is able to share those with others
  • LEADERSHIP: The entrepreneur is able to communicate with others, delegate responsibilities, bring people on board, and manage teams.

We also look closely at the resonance of the venture and determine whether the venture is appealing, exciting, and fills a need desired by a proven market.

If this sounds like you, apply now!