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What is the goal of the Threshold Fellowship?

The Threshold Fellowship program is intent on creating a cohort of Rabbis and educators who we will transform into “social entrepreneurs,” enabling these exceptional men and women to begin their own organizations, create their own jobs, and have a meaningful occupation that will enable them to continue their lifelong dream of living in Israel. These will be select individuals, capable of conceptualizing the value that they can provide to the Jewish community and then developing that concept into a viable, market worthy product or service that will not be totally dependent on today’s scarce philanthropic dollar.

Who is the program for?

Threshold was created for Jewish educational entrepreneurs with programs that aim to educate, inspire, inform, or invigorate the Jewish community. We are seeking individuals with existing programs or businesses, as well as people with seed ideas.

What does Threshold offer? What will I get out of the program?

  1. Network: Connections with business and NGO leaders
  2. Skills and tools: The training you need to bring your ideas to the market. Our six-month program is both faster and cheaper than any other available training
  3. Peer cohort: The support of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  4. Exposure as a leading community innovator

When will the Fellowship launch?

The Program officially launches in January 2012. The Fellowship runs from January-June. Before applying, make sure to check out the program dates.

Who decides who the Fellows will be?

Decisions will be made by a Steering Committee of qualified and invested volunteers, with input from Threshold. This committee includes assorted members from the community with a variety of backgrounds, skills and experiences who are interested in furthering innovation and engagement in the Jewish educational community.

What are the criteria for applying?

Overall, the Fellows will display the following characteristics: 1. Committed to pursing an idea that will engage, leverage and inspire the Jewish educational community 2. Interested in learning valuable tools and making important connections that will help impact the world through sustainable ventures 3. Interested in developing a culture of innovation 4. Willing and able to participate fully in all components of the program, from January - June, 2012

Do I need to be a Rabbi or teacher to apply?

No. Threshold is seeking individuals with projects that aim to educate, inspire, inform, or raise social awareness. If you are a Jewish adult looking to launch the next new Jewish educational venture, or grow/create an innovative program within your Jewish educational non-profit, apply today!

Can an employee of an existing NGO apply for the Fellowship?

An NGO can select a staff member who functions as an intrapreneur – i.e. advancing an internal initiative that will benefit the NGO. Through the 6 month program the intrapreneur will develop and test an initiative under the mentorship and guidance of Threshold staff, experienced coaches, and leaders in the field. This allows the NGO to reduce costs, develop new projects, and invest in their own internal capacity for development.

Where will the program take place?

All programming will take place in Jerusalem.

What language will the course be in?

All seminars will be conducted in English. Course material will be available in English and Hebrew. Mentoring and Coaching will be provided in English.

What is the cost of participating in the Fellowship?

The Threshold Fellowship is a scholarship-supported program, covering the cost of participation for chosen fellows at a special subsidized cost to admitted fellows. Fellows have the bulk of their tuition covered for the course of the six months. Threshold offers two different tracks, tailored to the different needs of entrepreneurs.
  • Track 1 includes all program components and a commitment fee of NIS 1000.
  • Track 2 includes all program components and fiscal sponsorship, and a commitment fee of NIS 2500, which is raised by the fellow.
Read more about the two different tracks here.

Are there other ways to get involved if I dont want to apply as a Fellow?

Yes! You can join our mailing list to stay informed about Threshold happenings, volunteer as a mentor or coach, attend our Launch Night, or contact us to learn about other ways to get involved with the program.

Will there be funding available for the Fellows’ projects?

There is currently no guaranteed funding for completing the Fellowship. However, the program provides Fellows a much stronger chance of securing funding by teaching fundraising skills, offering ideas, and making introductions to ensure fundraising sustainability over time.

What are HaOhel Institutions, Yad Yaakov, Sulam Yaakov, and Shirat Devorah and what do they have to do with Threshold?

Threshold is run by HaOhel Institutions, the Jerusalem branch of Yad Yaakov, promoting Open Tent Judaism. Other projects include Sulam Yaakov, a Beit Midrash for men with a focus on leadership development, and Shirat Devorah, a seminary for women starting out in Torah Study. While each of these programs is distinct, they all share an experiential and innovative educational approach, as well as a commitment to grounded spirituality. The connection of these programs to a broad cultural perspective, an educational rigor, and to a soulful element that can relate powerfully and maturely to the real world is expressed in the vision of Threshold. HaOhel Institutions and Yad Yaakov were founded by Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz, and his father Rabbi Yosef Leibowitz respectively, all in memory of Rav Yosef's father, Rabbi Jacob Leibowitz, z"l.

For any other questions, contact info@threshold.org.il