Launch Night

The Big Launch

Launch Night is both an educational opportunity to learn networking and promotion and also a no-holds-barred opportunity for social entrepreneurs to pitch their venture to potential investors and partners in the community. And it’s a whole lot of fun.

Launch Night is the culmination of the Fellows’ hard work – a celebration of innovation when the entrepreneurs pitch and present their ventures. In a high-energy, rapid-fire sequence, each Fellow will have 15 seconds to pitch his/her project solving one of the greatest challenges in Jewish education. Afterwards, each Fellow will be stationed at a booth displaying information about the project. Community members will then have the opportunity to visit, network, ask questions, and explore the wide range of Jewish innovation these Fellows embody. And of course, Launch Night is an occasion for celebration as the Fellows officially launch their ventures!

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What to expect? Launch Night is a celebratory and functional occasion, where you will meet not only Fellows, but also Mentors, Steering Committee Members, Coaches, and other community members who have enabled the Fellows to reach this point. In networking with the community, natural synergies will emerge, helping the Fellows in a variety of ways to take their ventures to the next level and us all to realize the change we want to see in the world of Jewish education.

Who should be there? Anyone interested in learning about creative Jewish ventures bringing new energy to the community! Jewish communal professionals, lay leaders in the community, business entrepreneurs, and supporters and advocates of community causes are all welcome to join us as we embark on envisioning and realizing the Jewish future.

Watch the pitches from the 2012 Threshold Launch Night!

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