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    eJewishPhilanthropy Celebrates Launch Night

    Making Waves in the World of Jewish Education July 4, 2012 by Frayda Laufer-Leibtag Education is arguably one of the fields in most desperate need of innovation. The Threshold Fellowship, an important new incubator for Jewish Educational Entrepreneurship, was introduced by HaOhel Institutions, … [Read More...]

  • program overview

    Program Overview

    The Threshold Fellowship program lasts for six months. Each cohort will include a group of between twelve and fifteen Fellows and will require a minimum time commitment of approximately five hours per week. The following is a brief overview of the program’s components, with a link to a more … [Read More...]

  • JewishPress

    Threshold Launch Night in the Jewish Press

    Threshold Incubator Gives Educators the Business By: Stephen Leavitt Published: July 2nd, 2012 Welcome to the Threshold (www.Threshold.org.il), a Jewish educational entrepreneurship incubator in Israel, an incubator to help educators not only thrive financially in Israel, but do what they do … [Read More...]


Coincidentally Kosher

by Chaim Davids, 2012 Threshold Fellow We know that where necessity is the mother of invention, boredom can easily drive us towards innovation as well. I’m speaking, of course, about food. Each and every one of us knows what it’s like to compulsively open and close the kitchen cabinets, drawers, … [Read more...]


Jewish Education for 2012 and Beyond!

by Uri Schneider, 2012 Threshold Fellow Jewish education can do better. There is widespread agreement that K-12 day schools in the Diaspora are failing. Institutions are struggling with sustainability, and parents are grappling with prohibitive tuition. And the most inconvenient truth, widely … [Read more...]


Mock Launch Night Builds Excitement for Next Week’s Launch Night!

Last night Threshold fellows, Steering Committee members, coaches and mentors came together for a rehearsal for next week's Launch Night. The fellows practiced their pitches and got feedback from the audience, learned how to effectively network from PresenTense co-founder Aharon Horwitz, and set up … [Read more...]


Israel Herb School of The Elah Initiative

by Baruch Shapiro, 2012 Threshold Fellow Being a Threshold Fellow this year has been a real eye opener. Being that I was already in the midst of the pilot program of the Israel Herb School (www.IsraelHerbSchool.com), it has been a great aid to my thinking to be attending sessions on subjects … [Read more...]


When Boy Meets Girl–A Kabbalistic Perspective

By Yaakov Lehman, 2012 Threshold Fellow A wise person once relayed to me the following allegory: life is a ballroom, and we as the dancers, move in graceful harmony with the tune emanating from The Conductor on high. Inevitably, the time comes when the dancers must re-adjust their steps when a … [Read more...]